The Truth About Homosexuality

Homosexuality is sexual activity between two men (homosexuals) or two women (lesbians).


            God has seen this activity from the very beginning and it is well documented with Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:20; 19:1-13) Romans Chapter 1, verse 26 and 27 speak explicitly against the act of homosexuality. Many other Biblical scriptures also speak against homosexuality. There is not one verse that would condone such activity.


            The world cries that babies are born with the homosexual gene thus forcing them to be homosexual. God proclaims that both men and women leave their “natural” affections and “turn” to their homosexual activities. To practice homosexuality is a sinful choice. (Romans 1:26-27)


            No more needs to be said on this subject. The Bible is very black and white on this subject. People who practice this type of sinful activity need to face the truth and ask God to help them cease.


The very activity has brought disease and discord into society. Sexual activity is reserved by God to a man and woman who are joined by a marital covenant. There is no other circumstance where sex is Biblically acceptable. All other sexual relations are sin before God.


Religious organizations who have accepted homosexual leaders (pastors) ought to be ashamed and need to read the very Word of God they claim to follow. God can never bless sinful activity.


God loves every person and hates sin. God’s will is that all people including people who practice homosexuality or any type of sin come to recognize their sin and turn away from their sin.


You need to realize that Jesus Christ died 2,000 years ago and shed His “sinless” blood to pay for all your sins including the sin of homosexuality. If you are practicing homosexuality, accept that it is sin before God, accept that Jesus Christ has shed is “sinless” blood as payment for your sin, and you want to stop practicing homosexual activities, please pray the following prayer to God:


O God,

I accept my homosexual life is sin in your eyes and I want to stop my homosexual activity. I desperately need your help to stop. I believe that Jesus paid for my sin with His death and shed blood. Please forgive me of my sin and help me do what is right.

In Jesus Name I pray.



If you have made this decision and prayed this prayer before God, please email us at . We will pray for you and rejoice with the angels in heaven over your decision. Please find a copy of God’s Word and start reading in Romans and John in the New Testament. Pray to God when you get the sinful urges and temptations.