People of Different Colors and Features

The world is now filled with people of different skin colors and different bodily features. This phenomenon has puzzled all people for ages. Evolution has tried to explain this situation and evolution is indeed a part of the following explanation. This explanation is from a Biblical perspective.


God’s Word says that God created man and woman. (Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 2:7-25) Please note that this is the same event told with more detail in the second passage. So what was the color of Adam and Eve’s skin?


The color of Adam & Eve’s skin actually did not matter. I believe that God created Adam and Eve with a “Pure DNA Gene Pool” with the “Probability” of producing children of any skin color variation. I believe God created each skin color to have its own dominate features. I believe the DNA Gene Pool stayed relatively pure even until the time of Noah which spanned about 1,000 years of time.


I believe that this same Pure DNA Gene Pool was created in each plant and animal that God created. From crosspollination to procreation life had the ability to create through “micro” evolution all the varieties of plants and animals we see today. I believe God foresaw this phenomenon and specifically created this to occur.


Biblical history tells us that Noah was called by God to create a large boat or ark to save his family, male and female of each animal, and any other person who would believe Noah’s message. No one believed that a flood was coming that would kill all mankind and thus nobody but Noah and his family were saved from the tragedy of sin against God. The ark is a “foreshadow” of what Jesus Christ has done for us.


Noah had three sons and their wives at the time of the “great flood”. I believe that Noah and his wife had three sons of three different colors. Naturally, they sought out wives of same colored skin. As people mated with a same colored person they “polluted” the original “Perfect DNA Gene Pool”. The dominate features of each skin color became more and more prominent as same colored people mated together.


After the “great flood” Noah’s three sons went their separate ways. Since Japheth and his wife went north they would be thought to have the “fairer” or “whiter” skins. I believe the European people are direct descendants of Japheth. Shem stayed in the area of where the ark came to rest in Turkey and the Middle East. Ham and his wife moved south from this area and is though to have inhabited the continent of Africa.


Shem and his wife would have had an olive type skin while Ham would have had the very dark skin of the African continent. The African continent has only one small land connection to the rest of the world thus explaining the limited potential for cross mating with other skin colored peoples creating a predominately dark colored skin people group.


Some cross mating occurred between the people of Japheth and Shem. Some with specific features formed groups that traveled East creating the Asian peoples and some traveled West creating the Greek and southern European people groups.


Micro evolution continued to shape the features of specific people through the years utilizing “probability” and dominate features to create the many people groups that we have today. God foresaw this happening when he created Adam and Eve with a “Pure DNA Gene Pool”