God's Revelation Simplified - Chapter Six

We see the rapture of the believers, both dead and alive. Rev. 4:1; Rev. 20:6 In verse six of Chapter 20 the rapture is the “first resurrection”. In 4:1 a loud voice like a trumpet calls the believers to “come up hither”. It says “a door is opened in heaven” and remember that Jesus was referred to as the “door” in scripture where no man may enter heaven except through Him.

The believers (saints) are now sealed and safe from God’s Wrath in heaven with Jesus. Chapter 7 is the famous chapter talking about the 144,000 that are sealed. Immediately after mentioning the 144,000 we see verse 9 proclaim a “great multitude, which no man can number” before the Lamb (Jesus) and clothed in “white robes” of righteousness. I believe that the counts are believers in Jesus, their Messiah, from the twelve tribes of Israel taken in the rapture of the church. They are sealed by the Holy Spirit just as the Gentile believers. I also believe the 144,000 is to mean "many" and not an actual number but I leave this detail to God. I believe this is a time before the Judgement Seat of Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:10

Chapter four explains events in heaven right after the rapture of the believers. Raptured saints are given positions in heaven because of their works on earth. Some saints are saved as by fire as they did not do very much to further the kingdom. These verses talk about these saints casting their crowns before the throne of God. The twenty-four elders seem to represent the leaders of the ten thousand times ten thousand mentioned in Rev 5:11. This seems to be moments after the Judgement Seat of Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:10

Throughout the beginning of the seventieth week Michael and his angels fight with the Devil and his demons in the heavens. The devil has been accusing the believers before the throne of God since the beginning. The devil is defeated around the 75th month of the seventieth week and is cast out of heaven for good. Revelation 12:7-9; 12:10 The sealed of God and the witnesses are discussed again during the beginning of the period just as in chapter seven. Revelation 14:1-7