God's Revelation Simplified - Chapter Nine

Now that the devil has been thrown out of heaven with all of his demons the anti-christ consisting of a political person and a religious person is empowered to do evil in full force and power. The anti-christ is able to do amazing works convincing mankind that remain that he is god. The anti-christ begins to persecute the Jewish people and people who refuse to follow his commands. This is where the Tribulation Saints who finally saw the truth refuse to take the "mark". These people are killed by beheading. Interesting how the mode of execution in Revelation is the same as ISIS. People will not be able to buy or sell unless they have the "mark". Revelation 6: 5-6; 20:4

Around month 43 or 44 the political anti-christ suffers a deadly blow and is healed which made the world wonder and begin to worship him. The devil is giving the political anti-christ his power to do these wonders. About this time the religious anti-christ emerges on the scene. This power comes into the open to point all people to worship the "political" anti-christ as a god. The "spiritual" anti-christ proclaims that no one will be able to buy or sell without the "mark". This person has fire rain from heaven and does many supernatural things. Men are deceived by his powers. I now believe this mark may very well be a mark that designates that the person is a worshipper of Allah. Revelation Ch.13