God Knows All Things

In the beginning God choose to create man in His image. God gave man a spirit so that God would be able to fellowship with man. God know that man would need to be perfect without evil to be able to fellowship with Him. God also know that man would need to be able to choose to be perfect or the perfection would not be true.

So God created man and ultimately woman with a spirit and a right to choose to obey His Laws. Adam and Eve were taught God’s Laws and for a time followed God’s direction. Since God expelled Lucifer and Lucifer’s angelic followers from the heavens to earth because of their choice to rebel, God know that Adam and Eve would soon be challenged by Lucifer to disobey God’s Law and fall from perfection.

God allowed this to occur because God had to allow Adam and Eve to choose. Adam and Eve were taught that to disobey God’s Law meant sure death. Lucifer in the body of the serpent came to Eve and convinced her that God just did not wish for her to be as knowledgeable as God. Lucifer told Eve that she would not die and that God was not telling her the truth. This is the very reason that Lucifer and his fallen angels were thrown out of the service of God.

Eve believed the serpent and disobeyed God by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Before this moment Eve did not know evil. I believe Adam was with Eve when the serpent was speaking to her. I believe that Adam heard the same message and stayed silent. Eve picked the fruit and passed it to Adam who ate as well believing the same lie.

I believe if Adam would have stepped forward he could have saved Eve and himself but silence doomed humanity to a life of imperfection and a chasm between God and man. This is way the nature to sin passes through the man and not the woman.

God knew that eventually Adam would sin and God had a plan to reunite Himself with man. God’s Law demands that innocent blood must be shed to pay for sin. Human blood was not acceptable since the nature to sin passed through the seed of man. Only a newborn animal without physical blemish would be acceptable to pay for sin.

The innocent blood sacrifice was free to the man but the man must accept the free gift for the sacrifice to count against his sin. Without the sin covered by the innocent blood the man cannot be in the presence of God. Adam and Eve found this when God came looking for them in the garden. God killed the animals and gave the skins to Adam and Eve to cover their sin. This was the first sacrifice and the need to sacrifice innocent blood was instructed to all their offspring including Cain and Abel.

This is the beginning of allowing man to choose his own destiny. God’s will is that all men and women choose to follow the way of perfection by putting their faith in the shedding of innocent blood. Jesus shed His innocent blood over 2,000 years ago once and for all of us. God calls us to believe and accept Jesus’s shed blood as payment for our sin. If we place our faith in what Jesus has finished for us, God promises to look upon us as if we have never sinned.  We are perfect because of Jesus, the Christ!

God also desires that we choose to follow the ways of His Law because He knows what will happen to us if disobey His Laws. God’s desire for us is to have abundant and amazing life the short time we are on earth and to fellowship with Him for eternity. Whether you are a believer in God or not, God loves you and He is always trying to help you choose the right way. We only need to listen and obey Him.

Some say that God knows what our final destiny is at our beginning because God is all knowing. I believe God does know our ending at our beginning because He is that powerful and amazing. I believe that the path we ultimately take to get to the end of our earthly life can me more than I can count because of the all the different ways God gives us the ability to choose.

I believe that God is powerful enough to see all of my decisions and all of the decisions of others that will affect me on my path to see the cause and effect of all the different decisions to see the outcome of my life to its finish. At every moment God is able to process and see the myriad of endings to my life at the same time. Thus God knows the outcome of my life at any given moment.

Man’s view of God is always too small. God is constantly trying to show man the right path to take for abundant life and eternal life. God knows the more right choices that man makes the closer man will get to experience the abundant life God desire’s for His creation. Remember God loves us unconditionally and infinitely. If we ask God for bread will He give us a stone? Never!

We believe that prayer changes the course of history and it does. What if people choose not to pray and move the hand of God. Now God reserves the right only to answer prayers that follow His Will and not the will of man. I believe God reserves certain events in our life to be altered because of prayer. The Bible says that we have not because we ask not. If we choose to not ask we miss out on a blessing that God had for us. Follow God’s guidance and pray.

God does know all things. The truth is God knows so much more than you and I can understand. There is always time for you to do the right thing. Put your faith in what God has done for you through Jesus today and change your path of life toward the abundant life of Jesus Christ. It is never too late. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doomed for life without God. God loves you so much that He came to this earth to give you a way out. Choose God’s Way right now!

Please consider the “Tree of Decisions” illustration below. Please note that the end of each line is a different ending  to one person’s life with only two ways to choose at each point. Each person can choose faith in Jesus at any point in their life. A person can leave the faith and come back as well. The closer you are to abundant life the better life you will have. Ultimately please put your faith in God’s way and we will spend eternity together in the Love of God.

Please note that the way of man is the wrong way and the way of God is the right way. The line turns “red” after the person chooses to put faith in God’s way of salvation. You can see that a person can make many good (God) decisions and still spend eternity away from God because they did not choose God’s way of salvation (Jesus). Good works will not get you into God’s presence even though doing good will give you a better life here on earth.


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