Where is God and Where is Heaven?

There are Bible scriptures that give us direction into the location of God and heaven. Let’s first understand the attributes of God, our Creator. The Bible says that God is Love. The Bible also says that God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. God is in control of all things. The Bible says that God is responsible for setting up kings and taking them down. The Bible also says that God never changes.

King David wrote in the Psalms that God is everywhere. David proclaimed that where can I go where God is not there? His conclusion was that he could not go anywhere where God was not there. In the book of Hebrews the Bible talks about a cloud of witnesses. We are not alone even when we think we are all alone and nobody can see what we are doing, good or bad. According to the Bible we are always in God’s presence.

Recently physicists from around the world are talking about a substance they are calling, “Dark Matter”. This Dark Matter is only detectable because it has gravitational force on seen objects. It was first discovered because scientists could watch light bend in the universe as it was racing toward earth.

Now the science world is saying that this Dark Matter fills most of the universe and has force strong enough to shape entire galaxies. They cannot see this matter but they claim it is heavier than any other known substance based on its gravitational force.

Jesus said that God’s Spirit is like the wind. You cannot see the wind but you can see what power it has when it moves. I believe this scripture more than explains what these worldly scientists are proclaiming about Dark Matter. I believe our God, our Creator, fills the entire universe with His Love and with His Power. Our Creator holds everything together and His timing is perfect.

This fact that God is in perfect control allows our astronauts to fly to the moon and fly home again. This perfect timing is the reason that our world spins at the same rate of speed each day and around the sun each year. God’s perfection is amazing. His power is infinite. And His Love is unconditional.

His Perfect Love without conditions is the reason we still exist. Our imperfection would force God to destroy each person if it were not for God’s Perfect Love for us. God’s Law demands that we must be perfect to be in His presence. Our imperfection must be paid by a perfect substitute according to God’s Law.

Adam and Eve were taught by God that they must sacrifice a young, warm-blooded animal without defect each year as a substitute for their death as payment for their sin. God filled the human body of Jesus Christ, sinless because of being born of a virgin, lived His life without sin, died as our perfect sinless sacrifice, as our perfect substitute so we can abide in the presence of God, our Creator. We accept God’s perfect substitute, Jesus the Christ, simply by faith.

The Presence of God is Heaven. When we worship God we are experiencing a taste of Heaven. When we die our spirit rests in Him. The Bible says that when we are absent from our body we are present with the Lord. Remember God is Spirit and exists in the “spirit realm” or “spirit dimension”.

I believe that Heaven is with God and that as spirit we abide with God, our Creator. The Bible talks about many aspects of heaven that I will not cover here. Heaven is simply together with God in our spirit form. We are free and perfect in our spirit form. We are free from sickness and pain. We are immersed in the perfect Love of God.

The Bible refers to our relationship with God as a marriage. The Bible talks about the husband and wife becoming “one” flesh. In the same way we become one with God in spirit. It is difficult to understand as a human but wonderful to look ahead in faith.