Is it possible to lose my salvation?

You must understand that your penalty for your sin has already been paid by Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ shed His blood so that your sin would be paid in full.

To receive God's forgiveness and Christ's perfection you only need to believe that this fact is true. Tell God you believe in what Jesus did for you through a simple prayer.

As you continue to believe in what Jesus did for you, you are saved.

Be careful. Jesus warned of false teachers and even people who would proclaim that they were the Christ. If a teacher would tell you that there is another way to please God or pay for your sin, do not believe them.

Some may say that you are not a sinner. The Bible says that we have ALL sinned and we ALL have fallen short of the perfection of God. Do not believe these false teachers. This world is full of religions that lead there followers a different way to God.

Be careful. Do not be fooled. Do not allow them to push you into doubt.

Read the Bible. Cling to its promises. Stand on the Word of God and do not be moved.

If you forsake the truth of your salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and trust in some other way to God, your sin penalty will not be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

But remember this: You can always repent and come back and renew your commitment to Jesus Christ through His shed blood. Come home to the faith of your youth. God's will is that no person perish in their sin.