What does it mean to make Jesus your LORD?

The question of who has control ultimately chooses what kind of life you will have on earth and for eternity. Your self-pride demands that you take control of our life no matter what the outcome or circumstances. The problem is you do not understand the gravity of the situation.

God demands perfection that you cannot deliver. When you control your life you must carry the fact that you are not perfect enough for God. This fact drives you to hate God and what He stands for, Perfection.

God loves you so much that He has made a way to meet His Perfection. The choice lies in Control. You must be willing to “let go” of the “weights” of your imperfections or “sin” and let God carry them for you. You must give up “control” of your life and give that control to God and God alone.

In return you are FREE from the obligation to be perfect. Jesus Christ is your Perfection. You do not carry the heavy weights of imperfection anymore! You are accepted by God as His son and child! You immediately have eternal life in the presence of your Creator God! You have this for eternity from the very moment you decide to “let go” of your weights or “CONTROL”.

Self-Pride drags many of God’s creation through a life sadness and uncertainty. The young and old alike demand to keep their control instead of allowing God to take the heavy burden of “perfection” and give you direct guidance on what to do with your life.

Please consider to “drop” your heavy weights of control right now and never pick them up again. Accept what Jesus Christ accomplished for you at the Cross of Calvary.  Ask God to take control of your life and He will. Who Jesus sets FREE is FREE indeed!!

Please pray to God right where you are right now. Tell Him you have sinned. Tell Him you are dropping the weights of your sin right now. Ask Him to take control of your life and help you do what is right.

He will !!